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Naturopathy focuses on balancing body systems with a primary use of evidence based nutritional and herbal medicine along with dietary and lifestyle recommendations. For optimal health and wellness a broad and holistic program may include remedial massage or aromatherapy. For example, a naturopathic consultation focusing on anxiety may identify a need for stress management and hence may incorporate essential oils for an aromatherapy massage. Reflexology may be integrated into a pregnancy massage to access pressure points to facilitate the preparation and for the birth of your baby. Remedial massage may identify potential nutrient deficiencies warranting further investigation – and hence a naturopath consultation.

Our Practitioners

Megan Taslaman - Naturopath

Megan Taslaman

B.Hlth.Sc. (Naturopathy), Dip RM, Dip Arom, Cert IV Reflex


  • Integrated Holistic Health Practice
  • ‘Woman On Fire’ Health Activation Wellness Program (online)
  • ‘Curb Your Cravings’ 7 Day Sugar Challenge (online)
  • ‘Doable Detox’ Challenge (online)
  • Health Advocate
  • Naturopath
  • Remedial Massage Therapist
  • Aromatherapist
  • Reflexologist

I guide women and men, to take control of their health and wellness. Together, we create a space for you to feel energetic, calm and empowered through supportive dietary and lifestyle strategies. I provide support every step of the way to make sure you get the most out of life, and thrive.

With over 15 years in the healthcare industry as a remedial massage therapist and 5 years as a degree-qualified naturopath and holistic health business owner, along with ongoing education in detoxification, fat loss, digestive health, thyroid and hormonal imbalances, I have helped 100’s of women and men transition from feeling sluggish, tired, and lost to having abundant health and vibrancy through my naturopath practice.

When I’m not actively working to help women overcome their health issues, I’m working on my own healthy life balance. If I’m not creating recipes, I’m embarking on fitness goals like ocean swimming and half marathons, all in the name of fundraising for the not-for-profit organisation, CanToo. To date, I’ve personally raised over $10k in funds toward cancer research where funds go to new researchers in Sydney.

Megan is available: 
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: bodywork therapies
Thursday & Friday: Naturopathy & Health Activation Program (online consultations only)


Taka Nakamura - Massage Therapist

Taka Nakamura

Diploma of Remedial Massage
Dry Needling Certificate

Taka is passionate about maintaining health, wellness and fitness through daily yoga, stretching, meditation practice, and Alexander technique. Taka believes that the mind, body and spirit is one continuum so keeping the balance is vital for optimal health and lifelong wellness. Taka’s personal interests include surfing, and in the past has healed his frozen shoulder injury. This brought him into the field of massage therapy and fuelled his interest in healing injuries.

In remedial massage therapy, Taka has a special interest in injury prevention, management, rehabilitation and assisting people to improve their performance through sports massage. Taka has undergone extra courses in the field of myofascial release and cranial sacral therapy. He combines many techniques and utilises skill, assessment and intuition to tailor the treatment for the client.

Craniosacral therapy is a light-touch approach that may create dramatic improvements by releasing deep tension within the body. Taka’s holistic approach improves physical and emotional well being bringing balance back into your body.

Taka is currently available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday.


Massage Therapist - Phillip Gardener

Phillip Gardener

Diploma of Remedial Massage
ATMS 19450

Phillip has had a strong interest in massage and fitness since 2005. Since then, he has developed a wide range of skills and experience to support his massage therapy clients.

With a primary focus on functional movement and mobility issues, Phillip is versatile in assisting clients in their rehabilitation after operations and injuries.

Previous work includes Rugby (Wallabies) team, Men and women’s NRL, and the Australian Athletics team including consulting with strength coaches for high performance athletes.

This broad range of work experience, and Phillip’s skill set and knowledge of functional movement enables him to work with many issues involving agility, speed, power, balance and rehabilitation.

Phillip’s goal is to ensure all clients have a positive and caring experience.



Referral Partners

Bec Hoschke at RacingHeart Coaching is Megan’s personal Triathlon Coach.

If you are looking to up-level your athletic performance in triathlon, multisport or individual endurance sports such as swimming, cycling, xc mountain biking and running, Bec can help.

"I have been a regular remedial massage client of Megan’s since 2008. I am pleased to say that I am now also seeing Megan in her capacity as a Naturopath. Megan is unique. She is multi-talented, with numerous qualifications, certificates and achievements in the natural health field, and in 2015 she furthered her career by graduating with a degree in Naturopathy.

I have absolute faith in Megan as I believe she is truly dedicated to assisting you in achieving the best of health. I find Megan to be thoroughly professional and passionate about her work and totally dedicated to your ongoing well-being.

As regards remedial massage, I believe Megan to be at the top of her field – wonderfully skilled and a natural in this profession. She has helped me out of pain on many occasions. Megan continually excels herself and strives to make sure that you receive what you need from every massage, whether it be for relaxation or remedial purposes. I have found Megan to be extremely knowledgeable, experienced, intuitive, and caring, and I find that her treatments and aromatherapy offer a healing and holistic approach, soothing to the body and mind.

Megan is outstanding and I’m delighted to say that I am a very happy client and would encourage anyone looking for Naturopathic advice or a professional massage, to see Megan, as you will not be disappointed.
"I have been seeing Megan over the past couple of years for remedial massage and more recently for naturopathy. She also provided treatment throughout my second pregnancy for massage and reflexology. Megan is so knowledgeable and personal in her service. I feel very comfortable in her suggestions and treatments. She often goes above and beyond to ensure my well being. I have recommended many friends to her and would not hesitate to continue to do so."
"I have had several massages with Megan now, and I have to say she is the best massage therapist I have ever been to! I was having daily headaches and was feeling stiff, sore and old ! The headaches are now gone and I can move freely again. Megan listens to what issues you are having and mixes an aromatherapy blend to suit how you are feeling that day. As she is also a Naturopath, and has advised which supplements help with muscle and joint aches and pains ! Thanks so much Megan, you have a client for life !"
"For someone who requires constant body ‘maintenance’ due to past injuries, finding Megan was a godsend. Her massages have just the right amount of strength and care combined. I always walk away feeling refreshed and wake up the next day feeling like a new woman. She is a living legend – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. Thanks Megan for everything you do for me!"
"I joined Megan‘s Doable Detox Group for a three week detox plan. I learned so much, I’ve always wanted to know about eating foods rich in nutriments and not processed, never knew that vegetables could taste so good. I now enjoy Millet and Quinoa porridge for breakfast and know how to cook legumes and their uses. I’ve never felt so healthy and have lost some weight – bargain! Thank you"
"Fantastic results with Megan. Megan gave me the best framework from the initial consultation to start losing weight without any stress. I have totally cutout out my cravings for sugar and enjoy healthy food instead of any sugary foods. I have lost over 15 kilos, down 3 dress sizes and am still losing. Thank you Megan for your brilliant advice. I feel like a new and healthier person!!"
"I came to Megan looking for a nutritionist with sound knowledge who will listen to my goals and tailor a program for me specifically. I had been burnt by previous nutritionists pushing me to the paleo and not listening to my goals. Megan not only listened, but also backed her suggestions up with proof from blood tests, allergy tests and assisted with intolerances. I’ve learned more about my nutritional needs from Megan than any previous nutritionist. I am now a consistent healthy weight, not in danger of diabetes and have so much energy. I recommend Megan to anyone."
"Before the massage, Taka listened carefully as I answered his questions about pain points on my body. Then he skillfully found those points and used just the right amount of pressure to ease the tightness and tension. I felt so good after the massage, and soundly through the night – as I’d hope. Taka is a highly skilled and compassionate massage therapist. Have gladly re-booked."
"Amazing!! So relaxing Taka hit every sore spot. He was very professional and experienced. Highly recommended!!"