Body Composition Testing

"Have you ever wanted to know how you can get your health from A to B with realistic goals, time-frames and a way to objectively monitor your progress?"

Are your cells at their optimal health?

Is your metabolic active tissue, that is your lean muscle mass, working at its best capacity?

Do you need to lose some fat from around the middle?

Have you tried Body Composition Testing?

Our program is designed to address your signs and symptoms of imbalance, tailored to meet your health goals, and created to get you to the physical and emotional well being you deserve!  Now with the help of Body Composition Testing you can achieve your health goals.

"Fantastic results with Megan. Megan gave me the best framework from the initial consultation to start losing weight without any stress. I have totally cutout out my cravings for sugar and enjoy healthy food instead of any sugary foods. I have lost over 15 kilos, down 3 dress sizes and am still losing. Thank you Megan for your brilliant advice. I feel like a new and healthier person! Jelena, July 2020


Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) is a science that has been used to monitor patients and determine body composition since the 1980’s. Our registered BIA device is a Quadscan 4000.

Giving accurate and immediate results of your body’s composition, we’ll measure:


This test is non-invasive, totally painless and only takes a few minutes. Leads are connected to your hands and feet and safe, low voltage electrical currents are passed through your body.

This provides a wealth of information about the health of your cells, your fluid distribution, the quality and quantity of your dry and lean muscle mass, as well as your body fat percentage.

As a qualified and registered user of the TGA approved Quadscan 4000 medical device, this objective data allows for accurate monitoring of your health progress.

The information from the test allows for a specific program to be tailored to you, with realistic goals and time frames.


The objective data provided in these reports is incredibly useful in creating a specific treatment plan for a tailored health program.

We include body composition BIA Quadscan testing with every initial consultation for naturopathy and as a stand-alone test for either massage or follow up naturopath appointments.

With your health goals in mind, we’re excited to offer the Quadscan to do segmental testing on an injured area of the body to monitor the healing progress. This is incredibly useful with inside information providing a more accurate clinical judgment, for example, whether a client should resume sports.

If you’d like to learn more about how the Body Composition Testing programs may benefit you, or you would like to get an inside picture of how healthy you really are, please feel free to get in touch.

Healthy Options to Reduce Body Fat

Ready to start living a healthier life?


$55 stand-alone test (15 minutes) – Suitable for referrals from chiropractors, physiotherapists or personal trainers. Reports are emailed to you.

$40 test – Within your follow-up appointment.

Please note: All initial naturopath appointments include the Body Composition Testing as standard.