Environmental Toxins

November 1, 2020,

8:14 am

Megan Taslaman

If you’re feeling a little sluggish or tired compared to usual, it may be time to take a little load off your liver and regenerate your body.

August 4, 2019,

4:32 am

Megan Taslaman

A brief history of GlyphosateGlyphosate is quickly becoming a well-known cancer causing chemical. Public opinion was fuelled by the recent law suit victory in 2018 for a couple in California USA who developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This was due to chronic exposure of the spray.

June 25, 2019,

1:05 am

Megan Taslaman

Last month’s blog about environmental toxins highlighted that the most important measure above all else is AVOIDANCE!In Part 2 we focus on practical daily steps and strategies to PROTECT, REPAIR AND ELIMINATE these environmental toxins from your body.

May 3, 2019,

3:43 am

Megan Taslaman

First you must pick the low hanging fruit!A brief overview of our toxic environment that is making us sick, and what we can do about it.The research now tells us that there’s something else that’s causing our epidemic proportions of chronic diseases.