Could you have Metabolic Syndrome?

The signs and symptoms may be subtle and include…

– Poor blood sugar control
– Fatigue after eating
– Lengthy hangovers
– Fat around the middle
– Inability to lose weight
– Pathology indicators

Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of diseases including high blood pressure and insulin resistance which if left unchecked may lead to cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Your thyroid and adrenals may be affected causing ‘blocks’ to optimal metabolic health. Inability to control stress is also major factor for disease progression. Basically, it is a chronic disease of Western society which is perpetuated by diet and lifestyle. Genetics may cause more vulnerability to the onset of metabolic syndrome, and of course with this information the importance of healthful dietary and lifestyle patterns is crucial.
The purpose of this talk is to highlight signs and symptoms including objective and subjective information to bring awareness to a chronic disease problem which is on the increase in our society. You may not have metabolic syndrome however you may not be optimally healthy either. The point is if you know what to look out for, and know what steps to take, you are able to get of this slow chugging train of disease progression towards metabolic syndrome before it becomes a fast moving one!
What you will learn:

  • What is metabolic syndrome
  • The triggers for metabolic syndrome
  • How to improve your metabolic health and sustain a healthy weight
  • The obstacles to healthy weight maintenance and improved energy
  • Healthy dietary patterns

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