Covid-19 Update – Virtual Naturopathy Appointments


Dear Clients,

First and foremost, I hope you and your family are well.

These are trying times at the moment with social distancing, job losses, and new developments by the hour with this insidious and infectious disease called COVID19 that has affected the whole world.

The message from the Government is clear. As a community we need to all do our bit to ensure we reduce the spread of this virus, a highly infectious communicable disease.

As such, from today 26th March 2020, it is with a heavy heart that I’ve made the decision to close our practice for the unforeseeable future.

Once it is safe and the virus is under control, and we have clear direction to practice as we have normally done, we endeavour to re-

Naturopathy online – Virtual appointments

From now on all naturopathy services will be conducted as vitual appointments via zoom, facetime or telephone.

What’s new with an Online Naturopath Consultation?

I’ve created a a NEW “Immune system resilience” 15-minute, short appointment that is available to ALL CLIENTS, whether you’ve previously come to the practice for either naturopathy or massage services.

Book Now

Normally, booking in for a naturopathy appointment requires a long initial appointment, so that as a Naturopath, I am able to get a full picture of your health,  link any potential triggers from neighbouring body systems or influences etc. to your main health concern.

So that I can still do this with-in the short, 15-minute appointment, I’ve constructed an in-depth initial health questionnaire that will be automatically emailed to you when you book in. This will enable me to get a ‘birds eye view’ of your whole health picture, so that I can best recommend a protocol to build and support your immune system resilience.

I’ve made this appointment really affordable at $40 which will include:

  1. Your comprehensive initial health questionnaire so that I can best assist you
  2. The 15 minute online (zoom, telephone) appointment
  3. After the appointment I’ll send you a follow up letter with your treatment protocol which will include: dietary, lifestyle, nutritional, herbal medicine recommendations
  4. After 1 x week I’ll call you for a 5minute ‘checking in’ chat.
  5. Supplements deemed necessary will be prescribed, and there are a couple of options for this:
    • If in stock, this can be either collected or posted out to you.
    • I can add you to my online patient ordering system (with the relevant company supplier) where you order directly from the company (postage cost and usually next day delivery).

As a community we need to ‘stick together’ with social distancing and self-isolation. It sounds like a contradiction doesn’t it? But I suppose that’s where social media (for all of its pitfalls) can really help.

We’ve clearly got more time on our hands (pardon the pun), and will do our best to support the health of our clients and the wider community during this time. We ask and invite you to stay connected, through the social media channels. I’ll also be developing a FREE facebook group where I’ll be posting health tips and short videos for musculoskeletal health. I hope you may find these useful in the coming months, and if you haven’t done so already invite you to link to Facebook and Instagram here:

The Facebook private group link will be sent soon, so stay tuned.

There’s no doubt about it, the COVID19 news is very distressing affecting all of us in some way. Personally, I’ve not been all that well lately having to self-isolate with a head cold, probably brought on by stress.

I’ve really had to search deep and try to settle and come up with a plan for the best way forward. I really hope that my health tips, recipes, and videos will assist you in some way or form.

As individuals, families and communities we have to stay strong. Strength comes with connection to others and inward reflection. Now is the time to search deep, find your inner strength and link to your community.

Lastly, here are 6 top tips to support your health during this covid-19 crisis, whilst you are practicing social distance or self-isolation:

6 Tips to Support Your Heath from a Naturopath

  1. Self-care – An Epsom salt and essential oil bath, a good book, some meditation, cooking a wholesome meal.
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly. For the full 20 seconds.
  3. Sleep – the single most important thing you can do to help your immune system resilience.
  4. Take some time out from the media and electronic devices – this is extremely important at the moment. Be sure to switch the modem off at the wall before you go to bed, and your phone onto flight mode (or switched off). This will help to negate the impact of excessive electromagnetic radiation.
  5. Have some fun and games with the kids, your partner or other family members, or the pets.
  6. Choose wholesome and healthy foods when going to the supermarket – plenty of fruits and vegetables, and limit the meat, grains, alcohol, and processed foods.  Check out our healthy recipes here.

I look forward to touching base again soon.

Warmly and in best health,
Megan & the Practitioner team


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