How to maintain balance when you are busy!

Top tips for foundational health

Busy lives and being pulled from pillar to post often causes a cascade of effects on your health and wellbeing. As a naturopath in Dee Why on the Northern Beaches I too often see the base foundations of health looking a little rocky. Of course we can grab this supplement or that herbal medicine to prop you up, but long term health involves balancing your life and maintaining foundational health. Looking after your nutritional requirements and honouring your lifestyle requirements is best practice for long term health gains. 

10 naturopathic top tips!

1. Block out some TOFU (aka ‘time out for you’). This may be 15 minutes to 1 hour a day, or 1 hour per week. Either way, it’s crucial to have time for yourself. For the introverts, it may be to walk solitary on the beach or bush. For the extroverts it may be socialising with friends. What ever fills you cup, do that!

2. Get organised with your nutrition. Do some summer ‘batch’ cooking and freeze off. A great example is my recent Vegetable Polenta Slice which is perfect to freeze off and have in lunch boxes/ or mid-week dinners with a salad. Often, ‘batch’ cooking helps to keep the wheels in motion when it comes to cooking for the family. Using time efficiently helps to take the pressure off during the week, without compromising your nutritional health.

3. Allocate some time for exercise depending on your level of fitness. Regular exercise keeps the stress hormones at bay, and improves your cardiovascular fitness and sleep. It literally ‘burns’ off the stress. In today’s society little stressors throughout the day elevate our blood cortisol. Too much cortisol elevates your blood sugar, and if not utilised converts to fat stores, generally around the middle.

4. Eat breakfast like a king/queen, lunch like a prince/ princess and dinner like a pauper. I believe this old saying to be true. Too much food later in the day may hinder your digestion and sleep quality. If you are practicing ‘fasting’ for 12-16 hours, try flipping it, and having breakfast and lunch and skipping dinner. Even having a light dinner and bigger lunch makes a difference to your sleep quality.

5. Sleep quality as well as quantity is the crucial for having a great day. Robbing your sleep hours will undermine your immune system. Try going to bed an hour early a few days per week. I love it because it brings the best out of you the following day ????

6. Alcohol free days. If you like a glass or two, practice having 4 x consecutive days that are alcohol free. This will allow your liver Kupffer cells to detoxify and regenerate. You’ll probably also notice better sleep, and more energy and vibrancy.

7. Pace yourself. Learn to let go and say no! There’s no point in taxing yourself to the point where it is compromising your health and wellness.

8. Treat yourself to a remedial, sports, relaxation or aromatherapy massage. We have highly experienced massage therapists at our practice in Dee Why on the Northern Beaches, and we are now open 7 days!

9. Epsom salt baths. This is so simple and easy to do, and it gives you a little wind down at the end of a busy day.

10. Remember to B R E A T H E. Deepen the breath to help you slow down and relax. Practice mindfulness/ meditation. A great App is called “Headspace”.


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