How to recharge your batteries and manage stress


Is your tank empty and plate full?
Worried about how you are going to get it all done?
Are you already feeling run-down and it’s not yet Christmas?

If you have been stressed for a while and you’re feeling exhausted it’s time to do something now!

Some stress is good for us. It enables us to complete tasks with a sense of urgency, and allows us to run away from danger…commonly called the “fight or flight” response! The problem is, that in today’s society there are numerous stressors such as work/family commitments and deadlines to meet… etc. etc. Prolonged acute stress may cause some initial disturbances such as Anxiety, Mood disturbances or Sleep issues. Prolonged chronic stress may lead to bigger issues such as long-term depleted energy, because our body’s ability to adjust and deal with the stress has been compromised, resulting in a ‘knock-on’ effect of ill-health such as:

  •  Chronic fatigue
  •  Low immune function
  •  Insulin resistance and weight gain
  •  Digestive disturbances
  •  Altered thyroid function
  •  Major hormonal disruptions – menstrual irregularities/ heightened menopausal symptoms
  •  Insomnia
  •  Depression
  •  Act now, so that you can improve your resilience to stress and be better able to cope this Christmas, the New Year and beyond!

Why struggle, or suffer with the negative effects of stress, when you can sail through with renewed energy and focus to get it all done. These powerful tools of the naturopathic trade (herbal and nutritional medicine) can literally turn your life around by providing you with extra support so that you are better able to cope!

Make a fresh start to 2016 with renewed energy and vitality!
See you there…

Ready to start living a healthier life?



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