Immune System Health – 7 Tips to Boost You

fresh fruit & vege for immune system health

Your key daily steps to take to keep your immune system firing!

Personally, I feel it necessary to take daily actions to improve your immune system – everything from your outlook on life in general, to the food you choose for your body, to the quality and quantity of sleep, and right down do how much electromagnetic frequency you’re exposed to.

Do you think I’m over the top? Ha ha I don’t think so! Here’s the thing.. long term effects of much of what you do today will either pay off or hinder your health and wellness. Even the smallest changes can have a huge impact over time. We are the sum of all our thoughts and actions.. daily!

Here are a handful of changes that I’ve made over the years which has positively impacted my health and wellness.

1. Daily outlook

Take some ‘time out for you’ every day. It’s incredibly important to honour your mind and body by taking the time to rest, relax, refresh and rejuvenate! Here are some ideas…Integrated Holistic Health Practice yellow daisy

  • 5 minutes of meditation or stretching
  • 30 minutes of mindfulness activity that keeps you in the present moment
  • A herbal tea ritual – same time every day!
  • An Epsom salt and essential oil bath (one of my absolute fav’s!)
  • Daily affirmations (I do this on occasion)
  • Journaling (several times per week – great for self reflection)

2. Dietary aspects to your immune health

As a Naturopath I place strong emphasis on buying organic or biodynamic, freshly picked or home-grown food! Unfortunately, Coles and Woollies just don’t make the cut! So where you save with convenience you pay with your health… long term!

  • Use culinary herbs to boost the antioxidant value of your meal by up to 80%! Adding fresh basil and parsley; or coriander or rosemary and thyme as examples
  • Add fresh garlic, chili, olive oil, lemon and limes to either your vegetables or salads/ meats (all the goods for immune system health)
  • A piece of fresh seasonal fruit daily (high in vitamins and minerals)
  • A handful of nuts/ seeds daily (high in fibre, minerals and phyto-nutrients)

3. Daily Sun exposure for Vitamin D

Sunshine at the Beach for daily vitamin D

Whilst it’s important to protect yourself from too much UVA/UVB exposure so you won’t get burned, a daily amount of sun exposure is paramount for vitamin D. Vitamin D does more for your health than given credence. In fact, there is a vitamin D receptor in every organ in the body, which means there’s a function.

Despite our sunny nation, I see quite a lot of vitamin D deficiency/ insufficiency. If you’re unsure, ask your GP for a blood test and make sure it’s up around the 100 level on the pathology report. Get in touch for more info!

4. Protect your LIVER

Protect your liver cells (hepatocytes). Herbs that protect the liver include Schisandra, St. Mary’s thistle, Bupleurum. It’s important to protect the liver during any cold or flu season/ pandemic, because it’s the liver that’s responsible for detoxifying and removing everything the body doesn’t need or want.

This includes the die-off of viruses, bacteria and fungi; metabolites of hormones, the by-products of cellular metabolism; oxidants such as alcohol, trans-fatty acids (found in pastries, packaged foods); chemicals that we accidentally ingest such as heavy metals, pesticides & herbicides, PBCs, BPAs, phthalates etc.

5. Daily Exercise!

swimming as exercise for good healthWhether it’s 10,000 steps, or walking to the shops or a run, swim or cycle, daily exercise is a must! You’ve got to move, there’s no doubt about it.

Moving allows for the body to detox naturally, in addition to oxygenating and conditioning the body to good health. It’s also great for your mind, especially if combining with a dose of mother nature! The benefits of exercise are accumulative, so if this is lagging in your life make a start today!

6. Sleep repair – boost immunity

Girl sleeping for good health

Ensuring you’re getting enough z’s is paramount. Our body repairs itself while we sleep so if we’re continuously depleting our repair time, then this sets us up for illness. Sleep is as important as drinking water! If you’re having trouble falling asleep you may wish to reconsider your sleep preparation.

Or, if you’re continually waking up at the same time each night, this may be because of some lifestyle/ dietary habit that’s crept into your life! Sleep can be a complex issue, and requires a multifaceted approach. Taking a pharmaceutical is by no means a fix and can leave you to feel more drowsy (hangover effect), and worse still set you up for dependency.

If you’d like further advice on how you can modify or change some negative habits that hasn’t served you well, please get in touch!

7. Recovering from C***D!

Sorry to have to mention the dreaded C word, but I feel it’s important to remind you that if you’ve suffered recently and are not 100% fully recovered, there’s so much you can do with herbal medicine and nutraceuticals!

Here’s what a recent client had to say …

I contracted Covid recently and was really struggling with breathlessness, tight chest and a persistent cough. Megan prepared me a herbal chest clearing tonic and almost from the first dose I felt so much better. Happy to report my chest is now completely cleared! Megan is literally a miracle worker. She also advised on vitamins to add and dosages to increase to help in my recovery. I’m extremely grateful.

Conclusion on Boosting your Immune System

There are many small things you can do to boost your immune system.


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