The word massage means “friction of kneading” in French, “to touch, feel or handle” in Arabic, and in Greek it means “to handle, touch, to work with the hands, to knead dough”.

Massage is a ‘hands on’ body work therapy – no gadgets here! We typically work with you, asking a questions for feedback on pressure, pain location etc.

This is especially important for a deep tissue massage or remedial massage.

A common way to get feedback is to ask you to rate the ‘trigger point’ or pressure on a PAIN scale from 1 – 10! Now don’t get me wrong, we’re not trying to create pain, but sometimes a level of pressure is required to elicit a healing response, relaxing the tissue and bringing balance to the area.

If RELAXATION is what you’re after, there should be no pain WHAT-SO-EVER. This style of massage is completely different. Relaxation massages are more rhythmic, flowing and lighter. They are great for stress management, exhaustion, or for the girls (that time of the month).

some common issues that massage therapy helps

There are numerous muscular-skeletal ailments such as postural issues, neck, mid-back, lower back pain, shoulder injuries or mobility issues, hip mobility issues, glute tightness or pain, calf and Achilles tighten, and plantar fasciitis that can all be helped with professional massage therapies.

the 5 most common ailments that we treat in our massage practice are:

what to expect at your massage appointment

Step 1 – Preliminary Information Gathering

Step 2 – Your Appointment

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