"Megan Taslaman: A Dee Why Naturopath delivering an Integrated and Holistic approach to achieving optimal health and wellness"

What is Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a system of healing that focuses on ways to bring balance back to your body using a combination of evidenced-based and traditional practices. It encompasses a broad range of treatment options that include: dietary and lifestyle adjustments (the foundations for good health), food as medicine, and the prescription of nutritional and/ or herbal medicine.

As a staple of traditional medicine, and used as a complementary healing method alongside modern medicine, naturopathy seeks to restore and maintain the equilibrium of your body.

In doing so, your immune system, hormonal network, and body functions are best placed to fight disease and illness, and your body’s natural ability to self-heal is encouraged.

After all, don’t you deserve a life full of health and well being?

The Benefits of Naturopathy – What Can A Naturopath Help With?

Booking an appointment with our Dee Why Naturopath?

Your health is nearly as important to me as it is to you.  To get the most out of our time together, and to see real, measurable change in your well being, the minimum number of consultations you should expect to attend is three. I call this STAGE ONE.

Following Stage one, another three consultations are useful to ensure continued progress and improvements.  This is STAGE TWO. Stage two also gives you accountability and focused attention on your progress.

Naturopathy is a vital, in-depth approah to whole-body wellness and takes time to fine-tune to each individual.  

The step are as follows: 


Make Your Commitment to improve your health

Complete Your initial Health Questionnaire

Once you’ve booked in, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the details you need!

Within the email is a link to complete an “Initial Health Questionnaire”.

This is where we’ll get to know you so as to focus your consultation drawing in relevant information with questions as required. Please complete your questionnaire no less than 24 hours before your appointment time. This allows us to be better prepared and to better manage your consultation time.


(allow 60 minutes)

Your INITIAL appointment with Megan will be a deep inquiry into your current health status. It will include a thorough investigation of your main presenting complaint(s), medical history, family health history, body system health overview, medication/ supplement analysis for contraindications, preliminary physical examination if applicable (blood pressure check, skin, hair, nails, tongue) + our signature Vitality Longevity and Ageing Bioimpedance test (if applicable).

We may request some pathology or special tests to be done, and structure your treatment plan. If applicable referral letters will be provided by email within approximately 3 working days of your consultation.

You will also receive:
● A summary of what was discussed during the consultation
● A detailed, customised action plan addressing your specific needs and goals

At the end of this consultation we’ll set up your 2nd and 3rd appointments in the 3-step plan to improve your health!


(allow up to 60mins – Generally 1-2 weeks after your initial consultation).

Now we have the investigations under way, it’s time to discuss the results…

Results analysis and assessment; assess signs and symptom improvement; treatment plan alteration or enhancement.

After your consultation a written report will be emailed to you within approximately 3 days of your consultation.


(allow up to 60mins – Generally 1-2 weeks after your initial consultation)


This consultation is to review your treatment plan and assess progress/ supplement review (if applicable) for enhancement/ development.

For repeat prescriptions (Naturopathy) please allow up to 1 week for preparation for your collection at the practice. Postal delivery options are available.



Optimal Health Maintenance

Now we commence STAGE 2! Organise your optimal health and maintenance package with timely check-ins.

(Monthly Check-in appointments for the next 3 months) OR step into the ‘Woman On Fire’ 12 week Health Activation Program designed for women seeking health abundance! (book a free call to find out more)

Ready to start living a healthier life?