Our Practice Update for 2022

Megan Taslaman - Naturopath

Key focus at Holistic Health Practice for 2022

Here at Integrated Holistic Health Practice we pride ourselves on offering a ‘holistic’ approach to our services those being; Remedial Massage, Naturopathy, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and more recently treatments to incorporate Hot Stones! Further, Taka has undertaken extra training in the field of Dry Needling in 2021, which allows for a more comprehensive and targeted treatment with Sports Massage! So whilst massage therapy is in full swing, our consultative services for Naturopathy is going through a transition!

Changes with Naturopathy!

Our Naturopathy services are moving online!

The main reason for this is because, as owner of Integrated Holistic Health Practice and our primary Naturopath, I’m transitioning too with a move up the coast! This has been a dream for many years, and has recently unfolded. My passion for nature with growing my own whole organic food, and a lifestyle to match has finally come to fruition. I’m incredibly excited! This will allow me to become more congruent in my own life to my beliefs about dietary and lifestyle aspects. I also feel this will create more flexibility with my consultations and group support work.

As such my massage hours are extremely limited whilst I transition to my new role as an online Naturopath. Having said that, I absolutely  recommend my trusted colleague Taka whilst we find another massage therapist to replace my hours. Taka is an incredibly insightful therapist with a great understanding of anatomy and physiology which he incorporates with his intuition. I’m more than happy to have a chat so as to help clients transition to Taka who is a skilled massage therapist who I highly respect!

What’s new with Naturopathy!

In addition to my online 1:1 consultations, I’ll be spending a few months to work on my new delivery system so that clients like you get the best out of my Naturopathy service!

I’ve always been passionate about working with nature and it’s important for me to honour my new environment and to allow time for my transition. So expect a huge relaunch down the track when I’ll unveil my new way to serve you!

You don’t have to be sick to see a Naturopath!

Optimising your health and wellness is where I sit as a naturopath. Health is a broad and diverse spectrum.

It’s really about how you wish to feel.

Springing out of bed v’s dragging your feet. Getting excited to exercise v’s putting it off yet another day. Sourcing, preparing and cooking a wholesome meal that your body thrives on v’s yet another takeout option that leaves you feeling ‘blah’! So here’s to the endless opportunities of naturopathy for the health and wellness of us as humans, and the planet as a whole!

Need to know more?

I personally invite you to give me a call on 0421 181 934!

One thing is for sure, the way I’ll serve you with my transition will offer you more flexibility, and a more relaxed and grounded approach.

I looking forward to sharing more in the coming months.



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