Remedial Massage helps to reduce chronic stress for better health and wellness

Remedial Massage for chronic stress

Remedial Massage is no longer a luxury in our society. It’s a necessity!

It’s no surprise that massage has become very popular. In fact, during the lock-down of 2021, we had our busiest 3 months on record! Whilst there may be a few reasons for that, there’s no doubt in my mind that STRESS was a major one.

Having worked as a massage therapist for up to 20 years my view is that whilst physical ailments cause impacts associated with dysfunction, poor posture or pain, the impact of stress is chronic. It’s like a slow burn, and if left unchecked you suddenly have issues arising that are more of a systemic nature. These issues include (but not limited to): high blood pressure, irregular heart beat, high blood sugar, thyroid issues, type 2 diabetes, anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalance (e.g. exacerbated menopause or poor quality menstrual cycle).

How can massage help to reduce stress? The impact Cortisol - stress hormone has on the body

Massage helps to induce relaxation and a positive mood. 

Being under constant stress whether it’s from watching the news, being at the whim of forces beyond your control or internal stresses such as high blood pressure compound to impact every organ in your body. Over time, at varying levels of severity this may affect your adrenal glands, thyroid gland, digestive system, pancreas, brain, immune system and even your skin. Mild to severe effects may result and its highly individual.

Massage is a great ‘time out’ strategy to help reduce your ‘stress’ hormones and allow your body to relax, be calm, and be nurtured. The long flowing strokes literally calm your nerves. For thousands of years the therapeutic healing touch of massage has been used in many cultures from the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians and now in the modern era. Read more about the history of massage here.

Our remedial massage therapists tailor your treatment to suit your needs

Here at Integrated Holistic Health Practice in Dee Why we offer a range of massage therapies, and tailor your treatment and treat you as a person, not as a number or random body! This is why we’re a ‘holistic’ practice – because we offer a holistic approach.

Most clients may have a niggle here or there, but the compound benefits of a whole full body massage that helps to calm and nurture your nervous system go way beyond the healing impact of a 1 hour treatment.

Taka, our remedial massage and dry needling/ trigger point specialist, works Tuesday to Saturday. Taka’s unique style allows time between massage techniques for your body to adjust and relax. He reads the body incredibly well, and if relaxation is what you require on the day, that’s what you’ll get!

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