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We are STILL OPEN – Update 25th October 2021

We are an essential health service and are open. We continue to follow the guidelines set out by the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and NSW Health. We continue to following all infection control protocols in our clinic since the beginning of the pandemic. Please adhere to the guidelines set out by NSW health for indoor settings.

In any event if you are unwell (even the common cold) we will not be able to treat you until you have fully recovered. We trust you will understand.

If you would like to discuss anything further please contact Megan Taslaman on 0421 181 934.

We Are OPEN – UPDATE: 28 June 2021

You may be aware as announced by NSW Health today, Greater Sydney is going into a lock down until the 9th of July.

I’d like to inform you that as an essential health service we are open. We are following the health practice guidelines as set by the government and our association the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS). If this changes we will endeavour to inform you as soon as possible.

Please revisit earlier post for our hygiene practices.

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10th June 2021

As natural health practitioners and in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic we strongly recommend that in the event of any cold or flu like symptoms that you cancel your appointment, and stay at home until fully recovered. You will not be charged a cancellation fee in this case.

If you have recently had any of the COVID19 vaccines and are not feeling well, please ensure you wait until fully well before booking in a massage. In the event you already have a massage scheduled and are not feeling well due to the vaccine, please get in touch, and we’ll reschedule your appointment to a later date.

Further, it is not our role to provide advice regarding the decision to vaccinate, or not to vaccinate, or which of the vaccinations to choose, if any. In accordance with Australian law, all Australians maintain their options to choose.

Warm regards,
Megan Taslaman

On Tuesday 14th April 2020 I received notification from my association Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) that REMEDIAL MASSAGE  and THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE were now deemed an essential health service.

Therefore, after careful consideration to the situation we’ve decided to reopen on Monday 25th May 2020 for both Naturopathy and Remedial Massage services.

Healthcare services that are OPEN

Clients / patients should call ahead if they are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or are feeling unwell.

  1. Chemist
  2. Doctors and medical centres
  3. Hospitals
  4. Pathology
  5. Physiotherapy
  6. Remedial or therapeutic massage services

The full details of the NSW advice is here:

Our Covid-19 Policies and procedures:

We have upgraded our infection control policies and procedures.  Please read the FULL policy here.

  1. Bookings will be spaced at least 30 minutes apart so as to ensure adequate time for full sanitisation of massage equipment, door handles, bench tops, and other areas.
  2. Massage tables will now only have disposable sheet and head rest covers
  3. Therapist to wear disposable gloves and mask at their discretion
  4. Health screening check on day of appointment
  5. No waiting in the common area – if you see there is someone in the waiting room, please wait outside and wait for a call/ text.
  6. Payment is only via card – no signing required.

Please be honest with your signs and symptoms in the health screening check. This is important for the safety of us and you!

Also, whilst naturopathy appointments may be in-person, we are continuing to offer virtual appointments.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to get in touch.

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