Our upcoming ‘detox’ or health reboot starts May 11th 2020


I hope you are all well and coping with this crazy world. My business is currently closed, so am focusing on the naturopathic side of things (all virtual) – hence the upcoming detox.

I’d love it if you would like to join me!

It’s not a hard core diet – I don’t agree with those. But moreover it’s a guided ‘detox’ or really a health reboot! Personally it’s a good time for me, because a few too many things were creeping back into my diet. And I also want to get my immune system and gut health at it’s optimal for the upcoming cold and flu season.

You’ll learn all about it in my FaceBook group called “FOOD FUNDAMENTALS – 7 DAYS TO (detox) HEALTH REBOOT”. I’ve been promoting it within the group, but the actual ‘detox’ will be facilitated in a more private group. At the moment a handful of people have come on board. I’ll still post some recipes and details in the “Food Fundamentals” group but my main facilitation will be in the PAID group.

Here are the details>

Cost is $30


  1. Group facilitation in a separate private group
  2. An initial phone chat/ or zoom to set you up and nut out any contraindications
  3. I’ll recommend supplements with a tailored prescription. Generally it will include support for your digestive, detoxification and bowel health.
  4. Weekly check-ins (via phone or zoom)
  5. A patient manual
  6. A recipes/ meal planning booklet (to be used as a guide)

The full detox goes for 3 weeks but you can do 1, 2 or the full 3 weeks – up to you. Essentially is a whole plant based dietary plan for the first week with eggs and fish coming back in the second week and chicken / lamb in the third week. The idea is it gives you a health reboot and sets you up with good foundations moving forward.

What better time than during “ISO” time. Trust me, at the very least you’ll drop a few bad habits and pick up a few nutritious whole food recipes.

Feel free to book in your initial Doable Detox mini consultation HERE


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